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Our honey is produced in our olive groves, surrounding natural blue gum stands and salvation jane pasture flowers. The resulting honey is cold extracted, it is not pasteurised and has all the natural health benefits of the honey are preserved - enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and anti-bacterial properties.


We use no sprays, fertilizers, or insecticides on our 200ha property, and we are 15 kms away from the nearest vineyards.


The honey, the colour, consistency, and flavour are amazing and reflect the actual flowers and blossoms from which the bees have harvested their nectar. It is abundantly full in flavour honey, distinctively thick yet smooth, displaying floral notes in reflection of the honey source.

Golden in colour and with a distinctive sweet taste and subtle notes of olive blossom.

Our raw honey will crystallise over time does not lose any of its great health benefits or flavour and can be made pliable/liquid again through sitting the honey in a warm water bath of around 40 C (no hotter) before using. Do not microwave honey and it is best stored at room temperature when possible.

Raw Organic cold extracted Honey 60gms x 12

GST Included
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