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Dried Olive wood, typical used in Mediterranean cuisine, creates a light, earthy, aromatic smoky flavour punchy enough for red meats without overpowering fish and poultry; with a taste of olives, honey and Barossa earthiness.


  • These smoking Barnea Olive wood sawdust is completely natural, with nothing added but nature and time.
  • This box of Sawdust contains naturally air-dried sawdust, dried for at least 2 years, with and without bark, that are split down to chip-size pieces of wood.
  • The Sawdust can be used use on the  grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ.
  • Simply add a handful for several minutes prior to cooking or slightly less in a smoker. 
  • Gives a light but aromatic smoke - good with Beef, Pork, Poultry and Fish.
  • 100% olive wood sawdust is recovered from the annual pruning of Cockatoo Valley Barnea olive trees.

Produced by 262W Pty Ltd atf 262 Unit Trust

262 Woodlands Road, Cockatoo Valley, SA 5351

Smoky Olive Sawdust

GST Included
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